FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

At Creative Hospitality, we’ve done our best to create a Web site that anticipates and satisfies our clients needs. With that goal in mind, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions.

1. Why do I need CH?

  •  CH provides value in a number of areas. First,  CH brings objectivity to the process. As an “outsider”, CH comes into the process free of organizational agenda or bias. As a result; access to information from the various constituents may be easier and more accurate.
  • CH provides a disciplined process and brings order to a complex project. CH is focused on the completion of your project. CH has no other organizational responsibilities so the task gets completed in a timely fashion without other distractions. CH has specialized knowledge of the subject matter and can keep current on new approaches or methods that may not have occurred to the client.
  • CH is your advocate and always preserves your interests. CH can be a translator of “techno speak” into simple understandable terms.

2. How do I justify the consulting costs?

  • CH’s services can be obtained in a number of ways. For those projects that have a defined deliverable, a fixed fee is normally charged. The client and the consultant agree on the scope of the plan and the fee for the project is delivered on a “not to exceed” fee basis. The fees typically depend on the size and complexity of the client’s business.
  • Certain client engagements may be charged on an hourly basis. These fees can vary depending on duration and scope of the project. For example some clients engage CH to visit their facility to review their current situation, share insight into what is going on in the hospitality industry, offer suggestions or validate thinking. In this case an hourly fee would be charged. In both cases travel and lodging fees are billed separately.

3. What criteria should be used in selecting CH?

  • In addition to knowledge and experience, there must be a fit between client and CH that fosters an effective working relationship.
  • CH has been serving the hospitality community since 1995, with our many years of collective management, development, building, marketing and operations experience, CH’s knowledge spans the hospitality, food service, sports, entertainment, product distribution and real estate industries.

4. How do I pay for CH’s services?

  • Creative Hospitality, goal is to provide clients with clear pathways to profitability. Our consulting group of associates and network of affiliates is made up of a cross-section of some of the most talented, qualified, and experienced professionals in the art and science of hospitality management. Collectively, our group’s experience spans the integrated disciplines of concept, development, implementation, operations and management of hospitality environments. CH offers years of collective management, development, and marketing and operations experience.
  • It can be as simple as an invoicing arrangement where CH provides summary of the hours worked and invoices that client for payment. Or a consulting services agreement is executed that clearly defines the deliverable or statement of work that CH will provide and the fees that the client will pay. Other terms and conditions such as payment terms, handling of expenses, continuation & termination are also defined. CH can also work on a retainer arrangement where a pre-payment is made against which the client draws hours. CH provides a summary of the hours worked and bill against the retainer. CH will work with our clients to develop a plan that best suits their needs.
  • When hiring CH, we will assist you in selecting a fee structure which enables the CH team to produce the best results at the most reasonable price. However, do not hire CH solely based on cost. Being “a penny wise and pound foolish” will lead you to “getting what you paid for”. For any case, CH will determine fees based on anticipated hours necessary to complete the project. Typically, out-of-pocket and travel expenses are billed separately from professional fees and this should be indicated in the proposal. These expenses are for such items as transportation costs, lodging and meals and report production.

There are essential four types of fee structures that CH can offer:

    • Fixed fee on a per project basis
    • A quoted fee on a standard time basis, with a surcharge over certain designated hours if it is unclear as to the scope and time length of the project
    • Hourly rate
    • Day Rate