Case Studies


Scope: Creative Hospitality was initially hired to perform an onsite assessment of the Lisle Park District’s food and beverage operations at The View Restaurant & Bar including the restaurant’s F&B service, banquets and catering. CH conducted an operation’s review and has been retained to develop a new concept complete with menu offerings in addition to programs and development of both front and back of the house standard operating procedures. CH has continued to work on this project overseeing the restaurant’s F&B menu training, recipe standardization and steps of service

WHEAT2 Scope: Creative Hospitality was originally hired to assist in introducing SOP’s and training in the owner’s first location. After that, CH was retained to assist in the concept development for a second location, identifying what direction the project should take including conceptual/Prototype  and Operating Profile- identifying the style of service,  Marketing Direction identifying the target market demographics and psycographics and Menu”  of services ( not just food) for various outlets & revenue centers within the marketplace. CH continues to be retained to assist with development of the  Physical Plant as well as development of the culinary team. Additionally CH created, developed, established and documented the standard operating procedures (SOP’s), including Human Resource Standards, employee Orientation and Training, Communications Standards,Store Operations/Systems, Employee Training Manuals as well as implementation and training.

WHEAT23Scope: The CH team created the critical path timeline from full concept & design, equipment needs, staffing & training guidelines, standard operating procedures development, grand opening and implementation. CH conducted an  Overview & Demographic Study of the immediate area by initiating a  Demographic Analysis, which  provided a breakdown of the demographic analysis of the immediate LSM (local store marketing) area in which the target market was identified by typical demographic criteria: age, household income, race ethnicity and disposable income levels.  Based on the analysis and compilation of the analysis, CH  made concept recommendations in an effort to maximize revenues and profitability in the current location. CH detailed and expressed the concept to fully understand the proposed direction and recommendations. CH highlighted the theme, the general bill of fare and recommend some general overall ambiance enhancements that enabled owners  to fully understand the proposed concept. CH developed a financial tool which highlighted the revenue centers, expense categories, and profitability of the concept along with pertinent information to execute the plan. Vincenzo’s opened and continues to operate in the West Loop conducting business using the SOP’s that were established by CH.

WHEAT233Scope:  CH provided a management team and  replaced the  General Management team that was responsible for overseeing and running the operation on a day-to-day basis. CH Management Responsibility included overseeing the quality of operations in the food service establishment, monitored, organize and authorize all phases of on-going menu application, including CH consultation on redesign of kitchen by overseeing attainment of projected cost structures and profitability objectives. The team continued to monitor uniformity for standardized recipes and product specifications, assured inventory levels, monitored food and beverage purchasing program and purveyor relations. Additional responsibilities included reviewing, developing and assisting with implementation of structured management training programs, accounting and controls, marketing and advertising and health and safety compliance. CH recruited management candidates and successfully transitioned the restaurant to a profitable restaurant that continues to operate.

WHEAT2333Scope: Creative Hospitality was initially hired to perform an onsite assessment of the hotel’s food and beverage operations including the hotel restaurant, room service, banquets and catering departments. CH was retained to develop new menu offerings, a CMP (Complete Meeting Package) program and developed both front and back of the house standard operating procedures. CH continued on a retainer basis overseeing the hotel’s F&B menu training, recipe standardization and steps of service.

WHEAT23333Scope: Creative Hospitality was hired to perform an assessment & review of a business plan of a potential client for Lincoln Properties at 100 South Wacker in Chicago, Illinois. This client was negotiating with a restaurateur for nearly 18,000  sq ft of space. CH made recommendations on the plan & subsequently assisted in lease negotiation, layout & design, and a financial analysis of the project.  After modifications were made, Lincoln Properties signed a lease with Bottleneck Management and their new project. Lincoln Properties has continued to use CH for consultation and assessment of other owned locations

WHEAT233333Scope: Creative Hospitality was interviewed and hired by the US Trustee’s office to oversee and manage the day to day operations of a 17 unit Irish Pub Chain which was in bankruptcy. CH served as the management company, placed a CEO, CFO and Director of Operations who continued to guide the chain from bankruptcy to sales worthy. CH’s management team was responsible for developing new strategic and operating plans while continuing with oversight and on-going maintenance of all the operations.